Welcomed meals for Fish and Wildlife Team

A few months ago, Ashley from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife called up the Inn and asked if she could rent the house for a couple of days in July.  Turns out, she and her team were scheduled to do a survey of the local wildlife, count the deer I think, and Frenchtown Inn was perfectly located.  We have lots of deer around here.

Then, I thought to ask Ashley if they would like dinner.  Yes, indeed!  After tramping in the wilderness all day, it certainly would be nice to have hearty meal ready.

So, there I was, how to actually deliver?  I thought of Salim, owner of Cafe Collage, arguably one the finest dinning experiences in Yuba County, click here for a tripadvisor review.  And so, it was arranged.

Guess who it would fall on get the dinners to the Inn, yours truly.  This did give me an opportunity to meet everybody and take this picture, just before they were to sit and enjoy their meal.  Greg Holman, President of Renaissance Vineyard and Winery, graciously offered a bottle of Pinot noir to accompany the dinner.

If you are considering staying at Frenchtown Inn, located near the historic gold rush town of Frenchtown in Yuba County California, be sure to ask about catered meals with our own wine.

– Charles