The legend of Shakey Johnson

As some of you might know, the 100 acres that is the Frenchtown Inn site was developed in the early 1970’s by Shakey (Sherwood) Johnson.  Shakey opened the first “pizza parlor” in Sacramento in 1954 and went on to create Shakey’s Pizza Parlor, the first pizza franchise ever.

Shakey had certainly had a sense of humor.  When I first bought the property, there were parking meters in the parking lot.  Across the lake was his party area, where built three authentic stone pizza ovens.  They still work quite well to this day.

As another example, Black Bart was a notorious bandit in the 1870’s and 80’s.  He roamed around the Northern California holding up Wells Fargo stage coaches left and right.  Shakey officially designated the entrance easement driveway as “Black Bart Trail”.

If you visit the Inn, I have a copy of this book written by his friend Burt Wilson.